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Robe trapèze col boule Sales policies

Kleider himmlische maxi You may Beige abiti da sposa place an order

  1. through Internet secure payment.
  2. by emailing us at  Brautjungfernkleider u-boot-ausschnitt
  3. by postal order at Festliche tunika-kleider 2183 Montee du 2e rang, Val-David, Quebec, Canada   J0T 2N0
  4. by telephone at 819 322-7037

You may pay

  1. by credit card          through the PayPal secure payment (Internet users only). There are no fees for this service.
  2. by debit card, if it displays the Visa or MasterCard logo, through the PayPal secure payment (Internet users only). There are no fees for this service.
  3. through your PayPal account  . There are no fees for this service.
  4. by sending an international (except in Canada of course) money order payable to the Perfect Life Institute (by postal service). There are fees associated to obtain a money order. The address is 2183 Montee du 2e rang, Val-David, Quebec, Canada   J0T 2N0.
  5. by money transfer through Western Union    or MoneyGram    for the Perfect Life Institute and addressed to Laurent Lecuyer, 2183 Montee du 2e rang, Val-David, Quebec, Canada – telephone : 819-322-7037 (from your local office agency).  There are fees charged by Western Union or MoneyGram. Please send us your control number by email at .
  6. by direct deposit to our bank account (in Canada only). There are no fees for this serviceTo know the procedure, please communicate with us. 
  7. Checks are not accepted.

The fastest payment methods are numbers 1, 2 and 3 (a few minutes) and 5 and 6 (a few hours).

Note: if you use PayPal, make sure you do not insert spaces or dashes between every set of 4 digits of your bank card number. Proof of your payment will be provided. Bioperfection is the name that will appear on your customers' credit card statement. You will be able to print an invoice after ordering.

Whatever payment arrangement you are making, simply use the button    after each article selected.

All prices are in Canadian currency. If you prefer, you can make the conversion in your local currency by clicking here. To return to this page, click on the "Back" button in the upper left corner of your browser. 

If you are paying through the PayPal system, you will see the conversion rate at the moment of payment.

The Canadian taxes are added only for a purchase in Canada (5%) or in Quebec (5% + 9,5%). They are calculated automatically from the subtotal less the rebate (if applicable) plus handling and shipping. For all other countries, no taxes are charged.

If any customs duty or local taxes are claimed, it is the client’s responsibility to pay them upon reception of goods. 

Exchanges and returns

All returns must receive prior approval from our office. They are subject to a 15 % restocking charge plus the transport that must be paid by the customer. We do not accept returns on goods after 30 days from original invoice date. No returns on opened health products, cassettes, compact disks or software unless defective.

Warning regarding DAVID devices

Epileptics and photo-epileptics should NOT use any DAVID equipment without the consent of their physician.  Persons with an history of brain seizures, mental disorders or alcohol and/or drug abuse should also not use the DAVID unless under the supervision of their medical doctor.

The DAVID is not recognized as a treatment or cure of any medical condition or disability. However, research suggests that these devices are effective relaxation and meditation tools.


The devices have a one (1) year warranty cover.

Handling and shipping

The handling and shipping costs vary according to the total weight of the order. They are calculated automatically. For the devices, they are flat. The shipping will be as fast and secure as possible, by air mail for the health products and by Federal Express for the devices. The delivery delay varies according to the countries; for the United Kingdom for example, it takes normally from 6 to 20 days depending on legal holidays, the availability for airplanes and the number of parcels going to Europe.

Quantity rebate

A rebate is offered to all purchases of $ 500 and over (handling and shipping fees not included, taxes not included either). Up to $ 999, it is calculated automatically. This rebate is not cumulative: it is offered per purchase only.

For any particular requests, please contact us.

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