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"That which is looked upon by one generation as the apex of human knowledge is often considered an absurdity by the next, and that which is regarded as a superstition in one century may form the basis of science for the following one."


"Complete health and awakening are really the same."

Tarthang Tulku

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true."

The Wizard of Oz

"They did not know it was impossible, so they did it."

Mark Twain

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News from the Institute --------- Updated March 1st, 2018

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The word bioperfection means perfection of life.  Life is perfect and sufficient in itself. It doesn't need to be improved. Nonetheless, when we are separated from it and are more or less preventing its manifestation, we can return to it and give it another chance to express itself wholly and perfectly.

Perfection is not a static but a dynamic state; it is the natural state. As with life itself, it is always in motion  Its intrinsic tendency is to expand constantly. The Universe is perfect but not limited, for it is in perpetual transformation. From an evolutionary standpoint, perfection is limitless.

Life is perfect and expresses itself in a multitude of ways and a variety of forms. It is limitless, yet we limit it ourselves. And in spite of such limitations of its expression, it is still perfect in its essence. The meaning of life is found in the infinite evolution characterizing it.

According to physics, everything that exists in this Universe is the effect of causes and therefore has its raison d'être. In this sense, we can say that everything is perfect because everything exists in correspondence to the natural law of causality.

By not respecting the natural laws of life, we interfere in the vital process and create involutionary micro-movements, slowing down life's expression. Next appears imbalance, illness and death.

In our opinion, the best way to find our way back to bioperfection is a return to nature in the respect of the laws of life.

The full awareness of life is a normal state, as is perfect physical and mental health.

Any resistance to the flow of life generates obstructions of various forms at all levels of our being. Consequently, our awareness decreases and our health collapses.

On the other hand, by becoming more conscious, we rediscover health and by improving health, we increase our consciousness. By deactivating the obstructions, we allow energy to circulate freely and function normally in our cells. The fog lifts and daylight appears.

Ultimately, perfect health is attained by reaching full awareness, and full awareness by perfecting health.

The Perfect Life Institute has adopted for its mission to help life manifest itself fully by:

  • Encouraging the growth of individual and universal consciousness

  • Promoting physical and psychological healing and regeneration of individuals and of nature.

By encouraging the emergence of full awareness, the Institute is a place of communication and transformation. 

By promoting the expression of perfect health, the Institute welcomes all who seek to improve and perfect their health through learning and practicing the laws of nature.

Life possesses all the means to transmute and regenerate everyone's physical and mental bodies. Are you ready to give it a chance to do so? Nature only asks to express life in all its fullness.

"Heaven in its ecstasy, dreams of a perfect earth.  Earth in its suffering, dreams of a perfect heaven…  Enchanted fears prevent their union."


"It is by love that the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother and the Son of Man become one. For the spirit of the Son of Man was created from the spirit of the Heavenly Father, and his body from the body of the Earthly Mother. Become, therefore, perfect as the spirit of your Heavenly Father and the body of your Earthly Mother are perfect."

 Essene Gospel of Peace

"If you wish to be happy, be it!"

Leo Tolstoy

Life is love, truth and freedom.




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