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3 kii king nas覺l oynan覺r W metin2 4 seviye slotlar anting to lose or gain weight is often a sign of dissatisfaction with ones physical appearance, when we compare ourselves to others, to what we were or to what we would like to be.  Our body is a reflection or an external expression of what is happening inside. An excess or lack of weight is a sign of a metabolic imbalance whose origin could be at the mental, emotional or physical level.

fitness nyk繪bing f slotsbryggen Our weight, or more precisely our body mass, can vary as a function of tissue density, particularly bone, muscle and fat density.  In general, excess weight comes from too great an adipose mass, and underweight from a lack of muscular mass.

What can be done to re-establish balance?

Here is some more precise information.

Losing weight

In order to lose weight, it is not sufficient just to eat less, to reduce the nutritional elements or to diminish ones appetite. In fact, these classic means are bound to fail since they constitute a danger for the body and as such trigger protection mechanisms. These mechanisms preserve adipose tissue and augment water retention, which actually encourage weight gain.

The solution can be found through returning to a natural balance. In order to do this, a good diet, an appropriate exercise program and functional metabolism are essential. It is with this is mind, that it would be very useful to begin by a full, deep body cleanse. A vegan diet made up of organic raw food is ideal. In addition, certain nutritional supplements can greatly encourage weight loss. These are mostly protein supplements; however, not any proteins are appropriate, quality protein supplements which can be easily assimilated by the body should be favored. Next, it is important to ensure that the body receives all of the necessary minerals to ensure good carbon metabolism as well as the necessary elements to ensure good digestion.

Gaining weight

Minerals and proteins are the building blocks of our physical body.  Any deficiency at this level will translate into weaker health and, in terms of muscle mass, weight loss.

To restore weight, the first area of concentration is the establishment of a good diet as well as a good exercise program encouraging muscular development.  It should be noted that in order to do this, it is preferable to be followed by a professional in nutrition as well as by a qualified personal trainer.

Additionally, taking quality nutritional (mostly minerals and proteins) supplements that are easily assimilated is essential if your diet has not been a raw organic vegan diet for a long time. Most people who are too thin have faulty digestive systems. It is primordial to reinforce this so that nutritional elements ingested can be used at a cellular level.


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