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«  gazino games 40 … life comes only from life, and from death comes always death. For everything which kills your foods, kills your bodies also. And everything which kills your bodies kills your souls also. And your bodies become what your foods are, even as your spirits, likewise, become what your thoughts are. »

Essene Gospel of Peace

When we talk about raw food, we usually talk about enzymes. Enzymes are energy and life.

Cooked tüm slot oyunları food does not contain live enzymes and so takes enzymes from our body to french roulette oyna digest the food. These enzymes then leave the body, leaving us with fewer enzymes than we started with.

When food is cooked, the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and fibers are destroyed too. Life is gone.

Moreover, because cooked food does not have enzymes, our body cannot use it. Therefore, this one treats cooked food as a toxin and is only concerned with getting rid of it.

The body does everything to protect itself and to keep the species going, no matter what the obstacle. It will always choose survival. This is called the law of adjustment. When our body adjust to something, cooked foods for instance, we pay with our health.

The solution is to be as natural as possible, to eat raw food. Health will then come back. The ideal diet is a vegan diet composed only of raw organic foods.

When we recognize that food is the number one pleasure for the majority of us, we can then become aware of the fact that we consume food not for its nutritional value, but for pleasure.

Because of this, we end up with food that has very stimulating taste and very little nutritional value. These are the two main characteristics of cooked food. Raw food, however, can give us both nutritional value and pleasure.

How then can we explain why people are unable to stay on raw food even when they have personally experienced its extraordinary health benefits and are dedicated to the raw lifestyle?

Because cooked food is an addiction. It is a legal addiction, easy to acquire and is advertised everywhere. It is not only accepted, but is encouraged. Ingrained in our culture, cooked food is thought to be normal, proper and healthy.

Addiction to cooked food is harder and stronger than any other addiction.

Sharing and support groups are a useful tool for everyone who want to achieve better health.

And if you are looking for raw-foodists resources, you may visit Le réseau crudivoriste québécois (in French).


Laurent L'Écuyer

natural hygiene, naturopathy, iridology, energy therapy


"The most thrilling experience I can recall was to see cancer cells taken from a human body and thriving on cooked food but unable to survive on the same food when it was uncooked."

Ann Wigmore


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