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Free radicals - oxidative stress - antioxidants - mitochondria - combustion - oxygen - hydrogen - minerals - enzymes - oxidation - electrons - vitamins - test bedava online casino oyunları gerçek para depozito yok      Free radicals

novoline otomat oyunlari I hamburger king oyunları n each of the body’s cells there are mitochondria which can be compared to miniscule thermal power plants. It is here that the blood delivers oxygen, hydrogen as well as other chemical elements with the goal of starting energy producing combustion.

slot makinesi oyna But, in this process, combustion by-products are produced: free radicals. These are molecules that are missing at least an electron. As such, they are very reactive and capable of taking electrons from healthy molecules. Foods which are too fatty, excess sugar, chemical products, cigarettes, X-rays as well as pollution contribute to the creation of these destructive elements.

Free radicals become dangerous when they are too numerous, which is the case for most people, and the body can no longer keep them in check with its antioxidants. Antioxidants provide electrons to the free radicals, which neutralize them and as such they become inoffensive. They can be found in certain foods like fruit and vegetables, certain herbs, minerals and vitamins.

A radical lifestyle change is required, an immediate and permanent revolution to transform our state from one of survival to one of free, full living. The ideal diet is a vegan diet solely composed of raw organic foods.




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