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casino oyna Proteins are our source of amino acids that our body needs to construct its own amino acids to function and to rebuild itself. It was thought for a long time that all amino acids absorbed by the small intestine were used. In reality, when we do not have an adequate nutrition or when our digestive system is deficient, only a portion of the amino acids ingested are absorbed through the anabolic pathway. The remainder follows the catabolic pathway and is transformed into waste.

This waste is a burden which the body must casino oyunları gerçek release itself of in order to not become intoxicated. This requires a tremendous amount of energy and if the eliminatory organs are not in good condition, which is the case for most people, this waste is not completely eliminated and accumulates in the body tissues causing various health problems.

It is important therefore, to eat quality, easily digestible and usable proteins. All foods contain proteins of this type at differing degrees, and they can be found in concentrated quantities in foods such as organic nuts, raw milk cheeses and pollen. However, the problem with proteins is that when they are of a lesser quality, or are consumed in too large quantities, up to 52 to 84% of these are not used by the body but are transformed into calories or metabolic waste which can become kıng oyna bedava body fat and burden the emunctories. When amino acids are digested poorly, which is the case for most people, this percentage is higher. The ideal diet is a vegan diet made up uniquely of organic raw food.




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