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Robe en laine epaules dénudées Regenerative natural products

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If we lived in total respect of natural laws, the use of products other than foods suitable for natural human nutrition would not be of any utility. But this is not the case. This is why certain products become necessary to help us to regain health until the day that we will be able to live easily from what Mother Nature offers us. These elements are only temporary means, supporting the TRANSITION towards a perfect health.

All the products we suggest have been recognized by us as being the best on the market. We selected them because they are characterized by their higher quality and their great effectiveness. We tested them ourselves and our customers who have used them were very satisfied.

Warning : A health professional should be consulted before taking any product, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you are under medical supervison.


Nutritional products

Almost all of us have moved so far away from nature that our body has become considerably deprived and devitalized. A healthy and living nutrition should be enough but today's foods are not always sufficient because they also are devitalized. We may require food supplements if we want to rebuild ourselves. These supplements should be as close as possible to nature, super-nutritive and bioavailable super-foods, not isolated and valueless chemical elements.

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Internal cleansing products

One generally does not imagine what toxic materials the body contains that have accumulated everywhere in its cells, tissues and organs. All this waste blocks the body’s operation, bringing illness and very often death. There are natural and safe means for the body to dispose of this waste that is impeding normal functioning.

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Products to help digestion

To digest means to process food so that it can pass through the intestinal wall and to be absorbed by the bloodstream. For a lot of people, even if they do not realize it, this operation is very difficult because their digestive organs are badly nourished and destroyed by excesses during several years. Certain aids can be extremely useful in encouraging good digestion, maximum absorption and complete utilization.

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