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Minerals - structure - organs - fonctioning - health - illness - diet - nutrition - deficiencies - nutrients - supplements - bioavailability - trace minerals king com oyunu oyna      Minerals

kıbrıs slot makineleri nasıl oynanır Minerals are at the base of our body’s constitution. Without minerals, no structure, no organs, no functioning, no life is possible.

A healthy body is like fertile soil.  It contains everything needed to be what it is, among other things minerals, of which it is constituted. But, as soon as elements are missing, its life is mortgaged and illness installs itself.

Our mineral reserve is like a bank account. At birth nothing is missing, our account is full. Then, little by little, our minerals have been used not only for daily expenses but also for spending sprees as well as to repair damage caused by an unbalanced lifestyle. Since, in most cases, our oyun makinaları toplu satış nutrition has been deficient, we have not been able to replace these minerals.

Our account has been rapidly depleted and we have had to borrow minerals in order to balance the deficit and to cover our current needs and even our spending sprees. We have taken minerals from our teeth, bones and from certain organs in order to be able to continue to live, or more accurately to survive. But, there are limits and it is our entire body that is now weakened and sick. We must pay back our debt if we do not want to spend the rest of our life imprisoned by illness.

In order to do this there is only one solution: to change our lifestyle and our diet, to no longer waste our precious minerals and to make up our deficiencies through heightened intake. The ideal diet is a vegan diet composed entirely of slot makine oyunları raw organic foods.

Generally, modern diets are very deficient in nutritional elements and particularly in minerals, and often these same elements, due to digestive dysfunction, cannot be used by the body. This is why it becomes imperative to have a diet that is 100% nourishing. If we cannot, then taking quality nutritional supplements becomes necessary since our diet cannot make up our deficiencies.

The quality of mineral supplements is very important. They must be bio-available so that the body can use them. They should be organic and not from rocks; they should come from animal or vegetable sources.

Here are a high concentration bio-available mineral source which can be considered as super food:

Aqua Cal                          More information

ACQUA CAL has been formulated to provide highly absorbable food-form ingredients containing significant amounts of calcium, magnesium and other vital trace elements. It combines two types of marine algae and coral minerals to form the most remarkable natural remineralizing product.




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