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This text could have been entitled De-scaling the gastro-intestinal system, since we are talking about a very deep cleansing process. This i makinalar覺 oyunlar覺 simulator herbal cleanse acts to gently soften, loosen and empty the crust that has formed in the folds of the digestive tract.

We do not generally imagine that the body can contain accumulated toxic material in all of its cells, tissues and organs. This waste material obstructs the bodys functioning, causing illness and often death. The intestines in particular, whose role can be compared to a filtration and purification factory, have become a veritable dumping ground. It is difficult to believe as long as we have not seen, smelled and touched the murky, fetid, viscous mass they contain. See kumar oynamak ile ilgili 5 hadis photos.

When, several years ago, I understood the importance of having a clean interior, I undertook a cleansing treatment which lasted one week, without eating, and which included two colonic irrigations a day. It proved to be effective, but on the other hand, I finished the treatment considerably weakened and de-mineralized.

This is how I learned that it is preferable to proceed gently and slowly when it comes to deep de-scaling and that is it very important not to neglect the nutritional aspect. The cleanse which is presented below meets these two objectives. It is, in effect, possible to obtain the same advantages whilst avoiding the problems that a more drastic treatment may cause and that with neither fasting nor colonic irrigation. Furthermore, irrigation on its own does not remove all of the crust nor does it clean the small intestine and the stomach since the ileocecal valve prevents water from penetrating these areas.

If you undertake this experience, you will see that it truly is a liberation from a self imposed slavery of years of an erroneous lifestyle, or at least the beginning of a liberation since the task to be accomplished is very large.  All of the accumulated waste within you represents your old lifestyle with all of the problems that it has brought you. The time has now come to free yourself from the past to be able to build a future full of happiness and freedom.


When the house is dirty, be it due to our unclean habits or due to our negligence, waste that has accumulated ferments and rots; bacteria multiply, insects and vermin move in and the smells stink out the neighborhood.

Our body is our house. It can be very clean, but as a general rule, the opposite is true of most people. Harmful eating habits and an unbalanced lifestyle contribute to transform our body into a walking garbage can where viruses, bacteria and parasite make their paradise. Illness, like rust, settles in our tissues and destroys them bit by bit, transforming this magnificent dwelling into an insalubrious hovel. Health presupposes a harmonious clean body, a body whose functioning is not obstructed in any way.

However, with years of negligence, the body has become clogged. It can no longer adequately function.

The first step to undertake in our voyage towards heath is to realize that our morbid state is the direct consequence of our way of thinking, feeling and acting. We are the only ones able to reverse this tendency.

This is why this realization must necessarily be backed up by a desire to undertake a progression which will bring us to the elimination of the causes of our problems and to the restoration of our original balance. This stage is concretized through the preparation of a terrain which is more and more favorable to health, that is to say clean and well nourished cells and organs.

In effect, it would be illusionary to hope for healing if one continues to fill ones body with rubbish. On the other hand, without cleansing, returning to health will be very difficult, since as we can see, the body must be free of all obstructions to be able to effectively absorb the nutrients and energy it requires.

Our body has four emunctories. These are the eliminatory organs: the intestines, kidneys, skin and lungs. If one of these organs is working slowly, the body will have difficulty cleaning itself and as such the load on the other emunctories will be heavier. In the long term, they will become exhausted leading to general self-intoxication, illness and death.

Nature, in its wisdom created this self cleansing process. However, if we continually work against our body it cannot succeed in this work.

Luckily, we can help by providing the body with what it needs: healthy food, herbs, water, air, sun, exercise and harmonious thoughts, etc.

Here then, is a cleansing program conceived along this line. It is centered on intestinal cleansing, since for most people, the intestines are the emunctories which are the most clogged.  By freeing the intestines, they can better function which allows the other emunctories to rest and to slowly strengthen themselves. As the eminent naturopath Bernard Jensen said, it is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place. Also, it has been estimated that 90% of all health problems are related to the digestive system.

The small intestine and the colon have two main functions: absorption of nutrients and waste elimination. Years of un-natural food have made it such that the body can no longer get rid of all of its waste. A crust has formed on the intestinal wall obstructing absorption and reducing elimination.

It is potentially possible, after many years of health diet and balanced lifestyle, to succeed in loosening this hardened layer of toxic and rotten waste. But, for most people, it is unlikely. In order to do this, the body would need a great deal of energy; but unfortunately this energy is no longer available. We must, therefore, help the body.

The essential cleansing element is water. This softens and drains the debris. But, water can only be effective if it is associated with herbs and other natural cleansers.

This program is based on the work of qualified naturopaths and herbalists who have developed a very effective cleansing method.

The degree of ease and the time required for the cleanse will depend upon how clogged the individual is and how much vitality he or she has. A weak, ill or elderly individual should start slowly so as not to stress an already tired system.

Complete detoxification can rarely happen within weeks; the treatment should be repeated, maybe several times, before the digestive system is completely cleansed. However, the beneficial effects of the cleanse will be experienced immediately after the first treatment.

Be the master of your house. Do not let your house be invaded by insolent strangers who will dirty and destroy everything. These strangers are unnatural foods, false foods, drugs, etc. They do not belong in our body.


1- Preliminaries

If you do not feel ready to undertake this cleansing, it would be desirable that you condition yourself mentally and physically beforehand. In order to eliminate the cause of our problems, we must modify our thoughts, lifestyle and diet. This is the hardest part. If we do not do this, we can clean and clean but the problem will continually return. However, even if we just clean, it is a very good start which will help us greatly in our future undertakings.

Throughout this period, of indeterminable length, it would be worthwhile (as a suggestion for an adult), if necessary, to take some psyllium to help the intestines regulate themselves. If your intestines are more or less blocked, it is suggested to take also gentle laxative herbs, to clear out your intestines. Note that these two products are not necessary if your bowel movements are regular (i.e. at least 1 time daily)

When your bowel movements are regular and when you feel ready you can start the cleanse.

2- The Colo-vada Plus cleanse

Initially, the herbs will soften the mucoid crust, and after a few days the elimination process will begin.

Weak, ill or elderly people should proceed slowly and follow the instructions of a health professional. They can add to their usual breakfast a very nutritional tonic that they prepare themselves each morning using a blender. If you do not have the equipment or the patience, there are several viable pre-prepared options on the market.

During this phase, observe well your stool ; is it unusual ? Once you have begun to evacuate the mucoid crust, stool quantity may increase and the color may vary from brown to black passing through green and grey. By attentively observing, you will notice hard and foul smelling pieces, cloth debris in tubular form, strings of hardened substances, gelatinous masses, etc. All of this was once stuck, perhaps for tens of years, on the interior wall of your intestinal tract, obstructing the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste and acting as lodging for your parasite friends. In order to clearly distinguish these forms, it may be necessary to break apart your stool with your fingers (covered with a latex glove). This process is well worth it. You will be astounded by the sight of this filth that you have been carrying around with you for so long and that you have just been liberated from!

Throughout the treatment, it is important to eat well. Additionally, one should abstain from consuming the following as much as possible : meat, dairy produce, wheat produce, salt, sugar, black pepper, vinegar, fried foods, acidic fruits and juices, alcohol and tobacco. One should consume vegetables (raw or cooked), fresh vegetable juice, salads, hot cereals, sprouted cereals and legumes.

If one does not feel well for a period exceeding a few hours, the cleansing process should be slowed. Reactions to the cleansing are an indication of the degree of the bodys toxicity. They indicate that the toxins are ready to be eliminated; but one must not expulse these toxins faster than the body is able. This is why the preparatory phase is of such importance; and it is preferable to extend or repeat this phase should such a similar reaction be experienced.

It is essential not to be constipated since the liberated toxins must be eliminated absolutely. If you are not moving your bowels daily, take herbal laxatives. If you have diarrhea, slow down treatment.

Treatment lasts 14 days, and is divided into 3 phases :

 PHASE 1 Preparation (7 days)

Days 1 to 7: Take two Preparation packets (10 tablets each) per day, one with the morning meal and one with the evening meal.

 PHASE 2 Program (4 days)

Days 8 to 11: Add one pouch of Colo-vada powder to one glass of water or unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice. Shake vigorously and drink immediately; then follow with a glass of water. Take four times daily or every 3.5 hours.

Take no solid foods and no other liquids except unsweetened juices, mild herbal teas or water. The powder will swell up in your system and you should not feel empty. Take at least one glass of water between each serving of powder.

Take two
Program packets (8 tablets each) per day.

 PHASE 3 Post-program (3 days)

Days 12 to 14: Take two Post-program packets (8 tablets each) per day. Try to eat easily digestible food for the first few days after Phase 2, returning to your usual diet progressively. At the end of this period you may resume your normal dietary patterns.

3- Maintenance

The cleansing process is finished. This does not mean that one should start to poison oneself as before. One should try and maintain a regular rhythm of life, eat healthily and live as much as possible in harmony with nature. This stage constitutes your regular life, but enriched with a greater awareness of your body and a desire to live fulfilled and healthy.

During the first two weeks following treatment, if your bowel movements are not regular, you should take a mild laxative every morning. You will probably notice the elimination process continuing after the treatment. Intestinal bacteria capsules or caplets can also be taken to restore the intestinal flora. These bacteria should be taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water or juice. Continue to take psyllium and the laxative as needed as well as chlorophyll occasionally, when your intestines slow down.

Natural nutritional supplements may also be helpful, since, now that your body is cleaner, it can more easily absorb and assimilate the nutritional elements that you require for reconstruction. Dont forget to drink sufficient water and to eat ecologically cultivated fruits and vegetables, preferably raw.  

You will surely succeed. Trust in life. By letting life express itself through you, you give yourself permission to live happily and healthily.

Colo-vada Plus                          More information

More and more specialists in the field of health are convinced that  intestinal dysfunction and obstruction of the colon are significant factors of disease. This popular program, divided into three phases, simplifies the cleansing of the intestines and supports the elimination of toxins.




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