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Perfect health - biological terrain - thought - regeneration - activity - rest - self-healing - consciousness - health - healing - nutrition - cleansing - vitality gazino kumar makina oyunları     Perfect health

"Where the totality of all the preconditions of evolution towards perfection exists in its entirety, eternal life is within reach."

Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

"When all the nodes of the body are untied, then, even here, in this human life, the mortal becomes immortal.  It is the supreme teaching."


monkey king off oyna O mega slot oyunları ur body is a fertile garden within which we can as easily plant beautiful or ugly seeds. Our thoughts are the seeds.

oyun makinaları ankara It is possible to plant love, joy, harmony or alternatively hatred, sadness and chaos. Whatever the seeds, they will germinate and plants will grow to produce flowers and fruit.

There are, however, certain conditions: the soil must be rich and the plants must benefit from all of the air, water and energy that they require.

The thoughts that we have had since our birth have not always been the best seeds. Whatever the case, these seeds have grown in soil more of less favorable and some have even reproduced.

Our garden offers its fruits, day after day, and the harvest always depends on the quality of seed, the fertility of the soil and the benevolence of the care-taking gardener.

Our current state of health is one of the fruits we reap today. This fruit tells us much about seed, soil and gardener. If it is imperfect, we must look for the cause in our thoughts, our body or within ourselves.

It is always possible to remedy the situation so that the coming harvests may be better than the previous. Perfect health depends upon pure thought, optimal biological terrain as well as full awareness of ourselves and of that which surrounds us.

The Perfect Health Program is a precise tool that allows people to become conscious of the means nature provides for complete regeneration. The program also allows people to take positive actions towards perfect health. The following gives a brief resume of the program. The resume is divided into four sections, each equally important: cleansing, nutrition, activity and rest.


1.      Cleansing of the emunctories:
- small and large intestines
- kidneys and bladder
- skin
- lungs

2.      Cleansing of the liver and gall bladder.

3.      Cleansing of the irrigation systems:
- lymphatic system
- blood

4.      Energetic release:
- structural alignment and cerebrospinal circulation
- nervous system
- electromagnetic field and energetic centres

5.      Removal of parasites

6.      Tissue detoxification:
- chemical and heavy metal
- metabolic waste

7.      Neutralization of free radicals

8.      Elimination of emotional blockages

9.      Deprogramming of erroneous mental attitudes.


  1. Correction of diet
  2. Nutritional help:
    - digestion
    - absorption
    - utilization

  3. Re-mineralization and balancing of pH
  4. Nutrition for the nervous system
  5. Activation of glands
  6. Reconstruction the immune system
  7. Re-enforcement of weak organs
  8. Cultivation of healthy emotions
  9. Development of just mental attitudes


  1. Breathing re-education
  2. Physical exercise
  3. Intellectual stimulation


  1. Postural re-definition
  2. Physical and mental relaxation
  3. Sleep facilitation


Laurent L'Écuyer

natural hygiene, naturopathy, iridology, energy therapy


"I decided to be happy because it is healthy."

François Voltaire

"For I tell you truly, if you see not diseases any more upon earth, you will live for ever in the kingdom of the heavens."

Essene Gospel of Peace, book 1

Unconsciousness is the sole disease, love, the only remedy, truth, the perfect health.


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