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Healing crisis - health - illness - balance - causes - symptoms - nutrition - cleansing - way of life - regeneration - naturopathy - natural hygiene king oyna ├╝yeliksiz             The True Healing

"The healing crisis is a declining period, which means in reality a journey back to a healing process towards the original condition of the being."


"Illness is the effort nature does in order to heal."

Carl Gustav Jung


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a christmas carol slot bedava oyna We are living beings!

But life expresses itself more or less perfectly within us because our state of health is not what it should be.

Health is not only signified by the absence of illness but by a natural state of optimal functioning of all our psychic and physical systems.

When we lose this original state, we become sick. Our energy does not circulate freely and our cells weaken and become unhealthy.


Illness strikes when we stray from the original womb from which we came, nature. Thus, the only way to recover the lost equilibrium, our health, is to go back to this vital source.

True healing occurs when we reverse the illness process. Disappearance of symptoms does not settle anything. On the contrary, the hidden problem only waits to reoccur even more strongly.

As long as the cause of the illness is not eliminated, true healing will not occur.

Our approach works globally, not only helping the sick organ but the whole body as well as the human being in its psychological dimension. This process activates the individual's own healing forces.

We have included an interesting article for you to read on this subject written by Douglas Morrison entitled Basic principles of health and healing which find their source in our body's electronic system.

Moreover, these healing powers may be activated by reconnecting with the healing energy of our divine Source.  Please read the possibilities of the therapy based on the energy coming from the divine Source.  



Dr. Alexis Carrel demonstrated that cells can live indefinitely if they are appropriately nourished and cleaned.

All living organisms must first feed themselves in order to reconstitute themselves and to function. Feeding means absorbing basic necessary nutrients, not just consuming anything.

The basis of any health program is nutrition, to supply the body with all the energies and physical materials it needs.

The natural hygienist or naturopath may help you establish a proper nutritional program to suit your particular needs. Moreover, he knows how to guide you to choose the necessary supplements for your personal health.


It is also important to cleanse because the functioning of the body necessarily produces wastes that must be eliminated. If this waste is not eliminated, poisoning occurs and the organs do not function properly anymore.

The emunctories (these are the elimination organs) must function well in order play their role and keep the body healthy.

Hence, we must start by cleansing and strengthening them in order that they may be able to clean the whole body.

Also, with the help of well chosen natural health products, we can accelerate this process and help the person to regain his or her health without delay.

It is the role of the natural hygienist or naturopath to guide you through this important work process.

Nutrition and cleansing go hand in hand; to undertake one without the other won't get you very far.

Your responsibility

All initiatives to better health must start from here, making it your responsibility; as well as by other means such as adopting a positive attitude, a good exercise program, a healthy way of life, good rest habits, etc.

Your body has the capacity to heal itself and rebuild itself. Give it the opportunity. It needs you to find its natural state, meaning its health and perfect expression of life.


Let us help free the body,

Let us help it regenerate.


To view a beautiful presentation entitled Ultimate healing, please click here.


Laurent L'╔cuyer

natural hygiene, naturopathy, iridology, energy therapy


Who's right?

"Air is the most important nutrient."


"Sun is the best remedy."


"Water cures all illnesses."


Everything is possible.


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