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« To say that the body can easily digest and assimilate cooked foods may someday prove to be the most grievous oversight yet committed by science. »

Edward Howell

Robe trapèze daim Enzymes are essential to life.  It could even be said that enzymes are life. All bodily functions are accomplished because of enzymes. Without them no organic life would be possible.

An enzyme is a structure composed of high energy amino acids which permit or accelerate metabolic chemical reactions.

There are three categories of enzymes: digestive enzymes- produced by the body and whose role is to digest food, metabolic enzymes- produced by the body and permitting all of the other functions and finally, food enzymes- present in food and necessary for Robe courte fausse fourrure digestion.

Raw foods contain certain enzymes which are required for their digestion; as such they can be thought of as being partially pre-digested. When we eat cooked, heated or pasteurized foods, the enzymes have been destroyed since they are very sensitive to heat. The digestive system must therefore produce more digestive enzymes in order to digest them. The pancreas, among other organs, must work much harder and it has been observed that in cooked food eaters this enzyme producing gland is often hypertrophied.

Furthermore, food enzymes are not only useful for digestion but are also useful for metabolic functions. It has been proven that life expectancy is directly proportionate to enzymatic potential, which is to say to the body’s enzyme reserve.

Unless we have always had, since birth, a Dirndl bestickte kleider raw diet, it is very important to take regularly an enzyme supplement.  According to several researchers including Dr. Edward Howell, an intake of this type is as equally important as a Robe bordeaux taffetas mineral or protein. supplement.

Ideally, one should only consume raw, live food. A good food enzyme preparation can also be a helpful addition.


Laurent L'Écuyer

natural hygiene, naturopathy, iridology, energy therapy



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