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Health is a precious gift. It is far simpler to maintain our health than it is to regain it once lost or squandered.  There are a multitude of factors that determine or influence our health, including physical ones such as nutrition, genetic inheritance and lifestyle.  It is crucial to understand that as important as these physical factors may be, our emotional and mental states will also play an immense role in determining our state of health.  Through an understanding of how these mental, emotional and physical factors are related, we may see how disease is developed in the body in the first place.  Once we understand how disease is created, we can come to an understanding of how health can be restored and maintained as well as an understanding of how disease can be prevented initially.

Let us begin by considering a series of three mutually connected levels which we shall refer to as those of the mental, emotional and physical bodies.  These three bodies may be thought of as interdependent and continually interactive with each other, although simultaneously distinguishable from each other.  One might also say that these bodies "interpenetrate" each other.  While each body will influence the others to a varying degree, there is fundamentally a hierarchy wherein the physical body is encompassed by the emotional body which in turn is encompassed by the mental body.  Thus the mental body may be thought of as the highest of these three levels followed by the emotional and then the physical respectively.  It may be said that conditions which exist on a higher level will eventually be made manifest on a lower level; furthermore any condition which exists on a lower level will ultimately be seen to have originated on the higher levels.  The fundamental dictum which must be born in mind here when we deal with these three levels is quite simple: "Thought is senior to substance."  Thus it is on the mental level ultimately that we find the origins of all outer conditions.  The manner in which this occurs will be discussed below; for now suffice to say that for our purposes the condition of the physical body will be very much dependent upon that of the emotional and mental bodies.  True permanent healing of the physical body cannot occur without addressing the underlying causes on the emotional and mental levels.

It is useful to consider the physical, emotional and mental bodies and how they interact one with another.  The physical body is the tangible vehicle of flesh and blood with which we are all familiar and with which, to a great extent, many people identify almost completely.  In other words, many people pretty much believe that they are their physical body.  This is a gross misconception of truth.  There is indeed far more to each of us than our physical body.  We may consider the physical body to be a vehicle that we inhabit.  As the physical body is sufficiently familiar to most, no further elaboration is required at this point.  The physical body exists primarily in the realm of what we commonly refer to as matter.  Next is the emotional body, which in most cases is quite firmly sealed to the physical body as a result of tremendous resistance and considerable levels of suppressed emotion.  The emotional body is a more subtle or finer vehicle, of which most people are ordinarily less aware than they are of the more tangible physical vehicle.  Yet each of us is to some degree aware of its existence, although we mat not think of it to any great degree.  This more subtle and less tangible level is nonetheless quite real, dealing more with what we shall term energy than with matter.  It should be noted that one could also simply think of matter as a more crystallized form of energy.  The function of the emotional body can be well understood by a careful study of the scale of emotions as developed by Dr. John Ray.  With respect to the emotional body there is a scale of emotions defined from top to bottom as follows:


Here at the top of the scale of emotions, we are from all judgment and resistance (at least with respect to a given area of consideration) and capable of simply seeing things as they are and making choices.  When we are in a state of enthusiasm we have absolutely no resistance to a given experience or condition, and we are thus able to simply see it as it truly is.  Neither true choice nor free free agency is really possible in the absence of enthusiasm, for wherever there is less than enthusiasm there is resistance.  This resistance automatically removes the possibility of full awareness in the given situation, for whenever there is any degree of resistance we are no longer capable of undistorted perception.  Thus when there is resistance present, full exercise of our free agency is impossible.  For we cannot have free agency, or really make free choices, when we are lacking of full awareness, for we cannot really make a choice if we are not fully aware of what our choices actually are.  Consider that many times we may think we have free agency, and yet the reality may be that we are simply playing out old tapes of preconditioned reactive behavior.  Enthusiasm is the level at which we can receive the experiences of life and accept them as they are without resistance.  The emotion of enthusiasm is said to be associated with the pineal gland, the master gland of the entire endocrine system.

2- PAIN:

Here at the pain level we are no longer enthusiastic with respect to some area of life (indeed we are in a state of resistance with respect to the given area).  Although our level of awareness is still fairly high, we are unwilling to lovingly receive the experiences of life.  It must be noted that these very experiences are but a reflection of our own inner creative essence as expressed in patterns of thought, feeling and spoken word.  It is our resistance to these experiences that is the source of our pain, whether the pain is physical, emotional or otherwise.  While we can see other points of view at this level, we react with contraction to that which violates our comfort zones.  At pain we wish things to be other than they really are.  The pituitary gland resonates to the emotion of pain.


At this level we have become completely identified with a single point of view thus making all other points of view wrong; thus there is no reason in anger but simply justification to allow us to remain angry and to allow us to defend our point of view in the face of all perceived opposition, whether real or imagined.  While our awareness is considerably diminished at this point, it is still far better than down at the lower levels of the scale.  Anger corresponds to the thyroid and the parathyroid glands.

4- FEAR:

At this level we are unwilling to tolerate that which we find uncomfortable.  We remove ourselves from that which "appears" to be the source of our problem, not realizing that this outer manifestation that we find fearful is not truly the source of our discomfort but simply the reflection of our own suppressed patterns of thought, word and emotion.  It is worth noting that we are capable at being at least somewhat causative in our environment at anger or above, while from fear on down we have relegated ourselves through our own resistance to life's experiences to simply being the effect of our own resisted creations.  We can run but we can never truly hide, for the source of the apparent problem is not without but within, and as such the outer manifestation of this resisted inner essence will be drawn to us in some form with great exactness.  Hence in the words of Job, "That which I have feared has come upon me."  The emotion of fear is associated with the thymus gland as well as the heart.


At this level we are the classic victim whereby we are perfectly justified in believing that it is something outside of ourselves and hence beyond our control which is "doing it to us"; the source of our problem is placed outside so that we may remain a victim and may avoid assuming responsibility for our own creative efforts.  This is done reactively as opposed to being done by conscious choice.  Awareness is fairly minimal here and at this level the individual will rarely be willing to be responsible for their situation, preferring instead to remain a victim through continual justification and denial.  At grief, the pancreas and adrenals are involved.


At this level there is an almost total denial of one's own abilities to do anything; this is where the "I can't" word patterns typically flourish as the individual is almost entirely incapacitated through denial of his/her own ability to do anything.  As the individual "feels" that they cannot do anything about their situation anyway, the tendency is for the individual to simply shut out that which is resisted, which eventually brings one down into the level of unconsciousness.  The spleen is associated with apathy.


Here the individual is totally identified with matter.  There is an almost total lack of awareness.  The individual will simply react continually to a given situation on the basis of a broad array of reactive patterns.  There is a certain level of balance and/or stability achieved thereby.  The appropriate expression might be that "Ignorance is bliss", for here the individual is unaware of problems thus they appear to be resolved.  This then is the counterfeit for enthusiasm.  At enthusiasm we have resolved all resistance through total awareness and unconditional love (thus transmuting the resistance of the emotional body), whereas at unconsciousness the resistance is not truly resolved but simply submerged to where it apparently ceases to be an issue for us.  At the level of unconsciousness, the gonads are involved.

Within each of these seven levels of emotion we find that there are seven levels.  For example at unconsciousness we have levels of enthusiasm, pain, anger, etc.; this continues for each of the seven levels.  This seven within seven underscores the great key to transmuting all resistance on the emotional body: ENTHUSIASM.   For at each of the seven levels, the top of that levels is always the level of enthusiasm; hence we overcome each of the various emotions by experiencing them with total enthusiasm, which is basically synonymous with unconditional love.  This then transmute the various emotions each in turn and brings us eventually up to the mental body.  There is a vast difference between fully experiencing an emotion by encompassing it with enthusiasm versus simply covering up the painful emotion and blotting it out from our awareness by concentrating on enthusiasm to the exclusion of the emotion.  The former practice of encompassing each emotion with enthusiasm is strongly recommended as it leads to freedom from the bondage of continued resistance.  The latter practice of excluding the emotion will simply perpetuate the already considerable levels of resistance, for we certainly cannot transmute that which we refuse to address.  It is essential to the progress of each individual that this concept be understood fully.  That which we exclude through continued resistance (or that which we refuse to encompass with unconditional love) is that which will halt our progression.

The mental body cannot be comprehended fully without the crucial understanding that the physical body and indeed the entire physical universe is but the outer manifestation or reflection of consciousness.  In other words, each one of us is a co-creator of the universe and as such the various conditions which arise on the outer level are simply reflections of what already exists on the inner level in patterns of thought, word and emotion.  An other way of expressing this is "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."  Thought patterns are the sensory aspect of each experience: time, place, form and event.  Emotional patterns are the emotion or emotions that are associated with a given experience.  Word patterns are the verbal or mental utterances associated with the patterns of thought and emotion.  When thought patterns, word patterns and emotional patterns are held in a continual state of creation, whether consciously by choice or unconsciously through our subtle or not so subtle resistances, they will eventually come into manifestation in the outer world.  This is often phrased "What you resist will persist."  It is for this reason that no true permanent physical healing can occur without a change of consciousness, for if the underlying patterns are not encountered and transmuted then any other changes we effect will be at best temporary in nature.  The outer symptoms will eventually reappear if the inner causes remain intact.  The bottom line, then, is change of consciousness.  As Dr. Ray would express it:

Until man can experience on the mental
level that which exist on the physical,
then he will be bound to the physical.

At the mental body level we have overcome the resistances in the physical and emotional bodies, in the area of consideration at least, to where we are now capable of considering and encompassing the various dualities involved.  A duality is a pair of apparent opposites: night/day, hot/cold, good/bad, etc.  Note that in the physical world there is opposition in all things, hence duality is a constant consideration.  At the mental level we are capable of simultaneous viewing of both sides of a given duality.  When this is done from a position of unconditional love and forgiveness we can then encompass that particular duality.  Resistance itself originates at the mental body level when we make a judgment whereby we identify with one side of the duality to the exclusion of the other, thus setting in motion the long chain of resistance.  Once we resist an area of life to some degree, from that point on we will draw to ourselves via the Law of Attraction various similar experiences which we will tend to resist on the basis of our previous resistances.  The very fact that resistance already exists in some area renders us unable to truly view this area impartially.  For our vision of the experience is already predetermined to a considerable extent by previous resistance, thus "we see through a glass darkly."  Another way of saying this is that we believe things to be a certain way, so we see things that way.  This is what judgment is all about.  Any judgment takes us out of the Now to where we cannot see what truly IS but simply what we in our judgment expect to see.  Another way to phrase this fundamental truth would be to say that "Believing is Seeing" or that the outer manifestation is but a reflection of the inner essence of thought, word and emotion.  Here we reiterate that the thought patterns are the sensory aspects of all experience, that is the time, place, form and event.  The word patterns are the verbal expressions involved, whether these are uttered physically or mentally.  And the emotional patterns are simply the various levels of the scale of emotions that we occupy in a given experience.

In the physical body the eventual end result of judgment and resistance is the formation of what we term crystals.  These may be thought of as organic computer chips (which function as storehouses of suppressed thought, word and emotion) or as melanin protein complexes.  Crystals are located throughout the tissues of the body.  Modern science tells us that it is possible to store over one trillion pieces of information in a manmade computer chip.  Hence the capacity for information storage in these organic computer chips (which I expect would be considerably more efficient) may be virtually limitless.  According to Dr. Ray, The melanin pigmentation is also thought to be related to stimulus-response mechanisms which may be said to govern much of our behavior.  The implications of these crystals within the physical body are numerous on many levels.  On the physical level they hinder the free flow of cerebrospinal fluid or CSF and consequently impede nerve supply and circulation.  Other repercussions include lymphatic congestion, poor supply of nutrition to various tissues, poor elimination of wastes from these tissues, and diminished electrical potential in the tissues, thus increasing their susceptibility to invasion by bacteria, parasites and viruses.  This sad progression continues ever downward if the cause is not removed.  It is important to understand that the crystals themselves are not the cause, but simply another symptom.  The true cause lies not on the physical level but in our consciousness.  Eventually this may culminate in chronic disease, the proliferation of abnormal tissue, cancer or other physical problems if the cause is left intact for a sufficient length of time. 

Beyond the physical ramifications, there are other areas worthy of considering.  Each of us may be said to exist in a sea of light or information, each being a matter of frequency and vibration.  The vast majority of this is imperceptible to us, for in a very real sense the crystals block the light thus rendering us incapable of perceiving that which is all around us.  Therefore the crystals operate basically as a sort of stimulus-response mechanism whereby we rarely ever are truly in the Now, because most of what is happening all around us never makes it to our awareness.  The bulk of this information is simply intercepted by the crystals which then trigger various patterns of predetermined behavior with computerlike precision.  As Dr. Ray puts it, "We are all about 98 to 99% reactive, and if you argue with this, you're 100%."  Hence most of the time when we think we are exercising our free agency we are simply being true to our crystals, playing out old tapes or being true to deeply ingrained reactive patterns which are locked into the crystals.

While this state of affairs may appear bleak, it is indeed possible to turn this whole sequence around and undo that which we ourselves have set in motion.  We have enslaved ourselves through our own judgments, hence it is within our power to uncreate this enslavement.  Whatever we have brought into a state of creation, we also have the power to uncreate.  It is important to clearly distinguish between Unprogramming and Reprogramming.  In Unprogramming we get to the root of the judgment and transmute it, thus restoring free agency and choice.  In Reprogramming only the outer behavior is changed by covering it up or overpowering it with yet more programming, thus driving the cause further into unconsciousness.  There are numerous modalities currently used by people which recognize the existence of so-called programs as a fundamental cause of much of our predicament as individuals.  Most of these modalities, however, go for the "quick fix" wherein the person is simply Reprogrammed in order to eliminate some apparently destructive outer pattern of behavior as opposed to taking the time to actually change consciousness as is done when we Unprogram ourselves.  The visible results of these two diametrically opposed approaches may appear the same in terms of observable behavior.  Indeed for every truth there is always a counterfeit for truth.  Consider that while the behavior may be the same, it is the underlying attitude and/or choice (or lack thereof) involved that is truly of consequence.  There is a world of difference between doing the "right" thing by our own free choice versus doing it simply because we are programmed to do it.  There is little benefit to the soul in its ongoing processes of evolution and growth and the latter.  And while it may take considerable time, patience and effort to actually Unprogram our reactive patterns, it is well worth it.  The process of Unprogramming leads to an expansion of consciousness, and increase in awareness, greater free agency, and the evolution of the soul.  Reprogramming, while it may remove many of the obvious outer symptoms and behaviors of the individual and make their existence more comfortable for the time being, results in a contraction of consciousness, diminished awareness, a lessening of free agency, and further movement down the involutionary spiral into identification with matter. 

In order to undo this situation we must begin at the bottom, so to speak, just as in a Healing Crisis we go back through things in reverse chronological order as taught in Hering's Law of Cure, which states that "All cure starts from within out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared."  This means we move from the physical body to the emotional and eventually to the mental in the process of uncreating the self-imposed bondage of our own resistances.  We begin by obeying physical laws pertaining to the physical body which will have the result of dissolving various crystals.  Chief among these are various laws of diet and nutrition as well as the appropriate application of Body Electronics, this unique system of sustained acupressure which will assist in the process of dissolving the crystals.  The obedience to physical law will help to dissolve the crystals.  This in turn will yield up the stored suppressed patterns of thought, word and emotion (which have been locked into the crystals and released now for us to reexperience) so that they may in turn be transmuted.  Hence by some measure of physical discipline, we thereby access the emotional body from the bottom up as well, meaning that we begin at unconsciousness and move gradiently towards enthusiasm.  As we move from unconsciousness to apathy to grief and so on, each level each level is mastered by simply experiencing it with enthusiasm, for anything less than enthusiasm is rooted in some form of resistance and, after all, what we resist will persist.  So the emotional body is transmuted level by level by enthusiasm consistently attained and maintained, which we term the Law of Love.  The transmutation of the emotional body is accomplished simply by experiencing each emotion with enthusiasm.  This simple to express in words, yet requires much concerted effort on the part of the sincere seeker to truly master and understand this principle.  Higher laws are often simple to express but a greater challenge to apply with unerring consistency.

It is worth noting also the importance of memory.  For until we can remember that which we have resisted, we will remain incapable of transmuting and releasing it.  If we are incapable of remembering the past, then we are also incapable of ever simply being in the Now, for our resistance will continue to color our perception until the source of this resistance is encountered within ourselves, transmuted and released.  In the words of George Santayana, "Man is condemned to repeat that which he cannot remember."  Dr. Ray also notes that we cannot possibly repent of that which we cannot even remember.

At unconsciousness there is little memory present, indeed there is little awareness in general.  We simply do not remember.  At apathy we still have little memory for we "can't" remember.  Yet this is a slight improvement, for we are now aware that there is something that we cannot remember!  At grief memory is general in nature, where we simply have a general picture which is sufficient to justify our grief.  We may think we have specific memory here, but it is not yet possible.  At fear we are closer but still unwilling or unable to see specifics.  Only at anger do we finally get specific memory, this however being very one-sided and completely confined to a single point of view.  This point of view is always perfectly justified and any other point of view is wrong as far as we are concerned.  Thus there is no reason at anger.  At pain we can see things from another point of view, albeit painfully, hence "Pain is the capstone to memory."  Hence we move through the fire of the kundalini relative to that area of life, thus transmuting the emotional body in this area only.  It must be abundantly stressed here that the kundalini experience as we rise through the level of pain involves an intensely physical component which can best be described as the experience of burning, searing pain in the physical body from the inside out.  As one who has experience this on countless occasions, I will note that it is unforgettable.  If one has the slightest doubt whether or not one has experienced it then chances are they have not, for its intensity is beyond words.  It is often accompanied by dramatic, profound and apparently miraculous changes in the structure of the physical body such as spine straightening out or calcifications, scar tissues, tumors and other abnormalities dissolving and disappearing, as well as regeneration of damaged or surgically removed tissue.  This will seem an incredible assertion to many.  I can only state that among people who have put the principles of Body Electronics into practice in their own lives or seen others do the same, such "miracles " occur frequently and are rightly seen as simply being the inevitable consequence of the correct application of the principles outlined here.  It should also be noted that under most circumstances the fire of the kundalini will only be released in the individual who is thoroughly prepared nutritionally, having achieved the state of "nutrient saturation".  After the pain level is reached and embraced, we can move on to enthusiasm where we can view the situation with equanimity. From here we then become capable of entering into the mental body. 

At the level of the mental body we are capable of viewing the duality and encompassing both sides of it simultaneously.  This resolves the existing resistance and judgment and restores our free agency in this area of life.  This will then be readily apparent to us and perhaps others in that we will have a noticeable absence of restriction and/or limitation in this area, whereas previously we were severely limited in our ability to perceive clearly and make choices in this area due to our own self-imposed patterns of judgment.  These limitations then become conspicuous for their absence and we become capable of ever expanding free agency through our continual application of these principles.  If we can achieve this in one area of judgment, surely we can do so in others.  The process will continually accelerate as our window of free agency expands as each layer of resistance and judgment melts away like dew before the morning sun.  Darkness will fight against the light.  This certainly includes the levels of darkness within each of us.  Yet light will eventually prevail if we are willing to attain and maintain the application of certain basic principles on physical, emotional and mental levels.

When we understand that the condition of our physical body as well as our world in general is dependent upon our unconsciously or consciously held patterns of thought, word and emotion, it becomes evident that both health and disease in the physical body are created in this manner.  Any healing modality that does not take this into account will be limited in its results.  Without a change in the underlying patterns of thought, word and emotion which we shall refer to as a change of consciousness, the best that can be hoped for is a prolonged but nonetheless temporary removal of symptomology.  It is important here to recognize the fundamental distinction between the inner essence of thought, word and emotion and the outer manifestation in the physical world.  The inner essence is the unseen cause behind all visible outer effects.  One cannot have effect without cause, nor cause without effect.  Thus the inner essence (cause) and outer manifestation (effect) are inseparable yet distinct.

A discussion of the nature of reactive patterns would be incomplete without noting the various potential sources of these patterns.  In addition to those which simply stem from our resistances to experiences of life, it must be noted that people already possess a wide array of reactive patterns from birth (which are also based on resistance to experience but at an earlier time).  As any parent can attest, the personality of a child, which has considerable relation to this reactive patterns, is already fairly pronounced at birth.  Dr. John Ray states that each of us has certain levels of reactive patterns that can be considered to be superimposed upon our underlying pattern of inherent perfection.  Another way of stating this is to say that while we each have the divine blueprint of perfection underneath it all, there is generally a considerable amount of distortion obscuring this pattern of perfection.  Dr. Ray notes three main areas of what he terms overlays.  The first is known as the Constitutional Man, which refers to our genetic heritage as passed down through the DNA.  Each of us has inherited half of our genetic material from each parent.  In addition to the possibility of inheriting various physical tendencies as for example a weakness in a particular organ or gland, we may also inherit the actual reactive tendencies of our predecessors including the actual memories of various events.  These patterns, memories and tendencies are encoded in the DNA.  Many people, myself included, have through Body Electronics had clear and precise memory of experiences which happened to their parents or other ancestors which were previously completely unknown to them.  These experiences have been experienced from the point of view of the other person and the memory has been every bit as clear and detailed as that person's own memories.  The second category is known as the Natural Man, which refers to the soul level of experience wherein it is recognized that each of us has experienced previous lifetimes in other bodies.  The patterns and indeed the memories of these previous experiences have also been observed as being in a very real sense still present.  Several points should be noted here with reference to "past lives".  The first is that when a memory of an experience comes up that is clearly not from this lifetime, it may not be possible to distinguish whether it is genetic in origin or whether it is from the soul level.  In either case the important thing is to be able to eventually recall when in this lifetime one has had similar experiences.  In other words, we are ultimately here to deal with the situations of this lifetime, or as Dr. Ray has phrased it to me, "How can we presume to deal with another lifetime when we cannot even deal with this one?"  The other point is that whether one believes in past lives or not is not that important, since the suppressed memories which are most crucial will be those of this lifetime.  Another way of phrasing this same point would be to say that if it was an issue then that was not successfully resolved, then it is doubtless still an issue now.  Hence there is and has been ample opportunity in this lifetime to deal with this same issue which may have been carried over from our past.  Whether or not we believe in past lives is of little concern here, as the correct application of Body Electronics is to work within a framework of reality and certainty in this lifetime.  The third category of overlay refers to the possibility of entity involvement.  This refers to the presence of either a separate intelligence or a powerful thought form which in either case represents an energy overlay which will exert a marked effect on our behavior.  Like the other two categories this has been experienced on many occasions in Body Electronics, and while it often seems an outlandish concept to someone who has not experienced it themselves (as it once did to me), far too many have experienced this for it to be discounted.  These three categories of influence, the constitutional level, the soul level and the entity level, may each have a profound influence on our physical, emotional and mental health.  In many seminars that I have taught in Body Electronics, people have experienced either some type of past life memory or entity involvement during a pointholding session prior to these possibilities even being mentioned in lecture.  That is, some things seem to come up whether or not people have any expectation that they might or might not.  Indeed, I have seen them come up for people who had previously expressed their utter disbelief in such possibilities.

Both health and disease have their origins in judgment and resistance on the mental level.  When resistance exists at this level we have dropped out of a state of enthusiasm on the emotional level.  We might also say that resistance at the mental level warps or distorts the emotional body.  If the resistance as well as the distortion are held in a state of creation long enough then the eventual result would be some problem on the physical level.  These ensuing physical symptoms may be thought as the outer manifestation of the inner condition of resisted thought, word and emotion.  The process of restoring health will be in reverse order as to how a lack of health has been made manifest.  As we restore health we begin at the physical and move up through the emotional and on to the mental level.  This may be considered as analogous to Hering's Law of Cure wherein we heal in reverse chronological order to the manner in which we developed the complaint.  While healing is initiated with physical steps such as nutrition, acupressure, reflexology, massage, and so forth, in order for it to be complete it must eventually encompass the emotional and the mental levels.  These physical methods employed to commence the healing of the body are a significant part of the healing process but not the entire process.  Proper nutrition will certainly assist in promoting health in the body, for example, but even the best of food will simply turn to poison when consumed in a negative emotional state.  Thus the emotional and mental levels must always be considered when we engage in the healing process. 

On the physical level healing is indicated in several manners.  The presence or absence of symptoms is not always a reliable indicator of whether health is either improving or not.  The reason for this is that symptoms may become more pronounced due to a decrease in health as is commonly know but they may also become more severe as one improves as in a healing crisis.  Similarly, symptoms may disappear eventually as we improve while they may also disappear simply because they have been suppressed.  Hence keeping track of symptoms is not the surest way of determining in which direction one is moving.  A model devised by Dr. Ray to demonstrate this is that of successive levels of balance wherein between each two levels of balance there will exist a level of imbalance.  We may think of successively higher levels of balance numbered as level 1, level 2, and so on.  At each of these respective levels a relative state of equilibrium and an absence of unpleasant symptoms is experienced.  While balance is present at each of these levels, we may think of higher and lower levels of balance wherein a higher level of health is enjoyed at successively higher levels of balance.  When one moves from one level of balance to another one must move out of balance to get there.  These intermediate states of imbalance are known as "healing crises" and "disease crises" respectively depending upon whether one is moving up to a higher level or down to a lower level.  True healing of the physical body involves moving up through a series of healing crisis as successively higher levels of balance are reached.  Symptoms will appear and disappear with regularity in accordance with Hering's Law of Cure.  A fundamental distinction must be must be made here between Balancing the body as opposed to Regenerating the body.  The former is simply the removal of symptoms to where a state of relative balance is attained, followed by the maintenance of this state by whatever means necessary.  This is at best a modest level of healing.  Regeneration of the body involves moving up from one level of balance to succeeding levels of balance through a series of healing crises.  This is a necessity for true healing.  The absence of symptoms should not be confused with true health or healing.  It is a shame that so many define health as merely the absence of sickness.

Healing of the body is accompanied by definite changes in iris fiber structure, including the appearance of healing fibers and the anterior movement of iris fibers.  Iridology is an accurate method of analysis to determine whether a greater level of health is being achieved or whether symptoms are simply being suppressed.  When one is confronted with an unfamiliar modality, supplement or technique where there is some question as to whether healing is actually taking place, iridology is an excellent means of determining if this is so.  As noted above, the presence or absence of symptoms can be extremely deceiving.  Anything which demonstrably brings about healing signs in the iris is an asset to health and healing.  Conversely, anything which brings about a suppression of symptoms as indicated by negative changes in iris fiber structure must be recognized as detrimental and indeed as an obstacle to health and healing.  In addition to the mental, emotional and physical levels, we might also consider levels of thought, energy and matter.  The level of matter is familiar to us all, and most conventional healing techniques including many natural ones focus entirely on the physical level.  That the structure of matter is to a great extent influenced by the level of energy has long been recognized in certain fields such as acupuncture, and this is drawing increasing attention in the emerging field known to some as energy medicine.  It is increasingly evident that the structure of matter may be altered by manipulating the underlying pattern of energy.  While matter will indeed follow energy, it is important to understand that energy in turn will follow thought.  That is, both energy and matter may be altered through changing the underlying pattern of thought.  Thus thought or consciousness is the level which must be reached for permanent change to occur.  Intervention at the physical level, as for example surgery to remove a tumor, does not change the underlying causes of the condition.  If the underlying pattern of thought, word and emotion remains held in a continual state of creation through continued resistance, then it is only a matter of time before the outer manifestation reappears in some form or another.  This will also be true of intervention at the level of energy.  It is indeed possible to remove physical symptoms through some form of manipulation at the energy level.  However if there is no corresponding change of consciousness at the level of thought then the underlying cause remains unchanged.  Effect must always follow cause, and if the underlying cause remains unaltered then the effect must eventually reappear. 

A detailed model of the basic principles of health and healing has been presented.  It has been emphasized that physical, emotional and mental factors must each be considered if we are to achieve true and lasting health.  The simplicity of this truth well expressed in the Biblical phrase, "As a man thinketh in hi heart, so is he." 

Written by Douglas Morrison, director of the American Institute for Body Electronics. From the book Body Electronics Fundamentals.




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