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« We were not born just of our mother; the earth too is our mother, which penetrates inside of us day after day with every mouthful we eat. »


We know that nutrition is at the root of the expression of life in a physical body. When nutrition is deficient, the body is deficient. But, even with the best nutrition in the world, the body can also have deficiencies if it is incapable of adequately using what is ingested.

Good digestion of foodstuffs is essential. Without this, nutrients can not be used for growth or for body functioning. Digestion means transforming nutrients so that they can cross the intestinal wall and be absorbed into the bloodstream. For many people, even if they don’t realize it, this operation is very difficult since their digestive organs have been badly nourished and damaged by excess for many years.

It is important therefore, to follow the principles of a healthy diet, to bedava slot oyna exercise, to rulet hangi sitede oynanır breathe well, to king oyunlari indir cleanse our body and to live as much as possible cultivating peace of mind since all of this is in accord with nature.

After having been absorbed into the bloodstream, nutrients are transported where required to the cells. This operation requires a performing circulation system and that the cell membrane be easily penetrable.

Certain supplements can be extremely helpful for good digestion, maximum absorption and complete use of nutrients. Enzymes are especially useful if food is heated, pasteurized or cooked. Additionally, certain digestive herbs like fennel, dandelion and milk thistle.




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