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"Breath long and deeply, that the angel of air may be brought within thee, for the rhythm of thy breath is the key of knowledge which doth reveal the holy law."

Essene Gospel of Peace, book 3

king indir oyna I slot makinesi offline t is said that breathing is the breath of life. It begins at birth with a first inhalation and ends at our death with a last exhalation. Breathing is a bridge between body and spirit. It is primarily a physical process, but is linked to our emotions and thoughts. Breathing allows us to lift ourselves towards that which is most pure within us, to open ourselves to the reality of existence.

oyun makinaları fiyat Breath is healing. It brings us the oxygen and the prana that we need. Breath is the reflection of our state of health: the deeper our breathing the more our life is intense, the shorter our breath the more our life will be short and unsatisfying. When we breath at full lung capacity, we can feel a fullness entering us, a profound peace installing itself within.

According to recent studies, for most people, inhaled air contains 20% oxygen and exhaled air contains 16% oxygen.  This means that the body absorbs only 20% of the available oxygen. Furthermore, only 20% of the retained oxygen is used by our cells. In other words, we generally use only 4% of the available oxygen.

Since oxygen is used above all to produce the body’s energy, there is a difference of 96% between the maximum energetic potential and the actual energetic production. From this, we can easily understand the importance of developing our lung capacity as well as raising our oxygen absorption and use at a cellular level.

Here is some more precise information.


First, it is a question of increasing the quality and the quantity of oxygen and prana inhaled. For the quality, one should distance oneself as much as possible from sources of atmospheric pollution such as factories, office towers and cities. For the quantity, exercises which contribute to a greater lung capacity are very useful to increase the volume of air inhaled.


Next, it is important that the inhaled oxygen passes completely into our bloodstream. For that, slow, deep and complete breathing is essential. Furthermore, our blood must be able to capture and transport the oxygen to our cells all over the body. This requires quality hemoglobin at higher quantities, that can be obtained through healthy nutrition and taking health supplements which the body will use to manufacture hemoglobin.

It is the iron within hemoglobin which fixes the oxygen. One can consume, therefore, more foods which contain high levels of iron such as beetroot, black cherry and green vegetables.


This fresh water algae constitutes an iron supplement which is exceptionally easily assimilated. It contains 28 times more iron than beef liver. It is available in powder or in tablet form.

Furthermore, taking chlorophyll will activate the formation of hemoglobin since the chlorophyll molecule, plants’ “blood”, is similar to the hemoglobin molecule. An iron atom is at the centre of hemoglobin and magnesium at the centre of the chlorophyll molecule. Green vegetables are therefore recommended. It is for this reason that iron deficiency, what we call anemia, which touched 35% of the world’s population, cannot be corrected solely by increasing iron intake.

Moreover, physical exercise is essential to activate the body’s metabolism and specifically breathing and circulation. Massage may also be helpful for this. It is important that our blood vessels be clean so that the blood may easily circulate.


It is essential that all of the absorbed oxygen penetrates the cells. This is not always the case.



"In the moment betwixt the breathing in and the breathing out is hidden all the mysteries."

Essene Gospel of Peace, book 2

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