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Robe rouge flamenco The nervous system is the body’s electrical system. The brain is the main control station while the nerves constitute the distribution network. When there is a power outage, the problem can be situated in the brain or in the nerves.

Strandkleider stehkragen Normally energy should circulate perfectly through the system, without overloading or loss of current. But, when there is a resistance, a short circuit or inadequate grounding, the energy is no longer correctly distributed.

Kleider graue maxi All of the body’s functions require an adequate energetic input. In order to provide this, our nervous system must be sufficiently strong, well nourished and not overcharged. A quality diet is essential as is a non-stressful lifestyle. The ideal diet is a vegan diet solely composed of raw organic foods. To reduce stress, it would be very advantageous to observe your thoughts and emotions and to use techniques to find inner peace.

Kleider mini latex It would also be advantageous, if one wants to improve the functioning of one’s nervous system, to take certain supplements such as lecithin, yeasts, rice bran and minerals.

Laurent L'Écuyer

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