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Amalgams - mercury - toxicity - replacement - intoxication - heavy metals - chelation - detoxification - poisons - teeth - natural products - toxins - toxic - fillings casino makine oyunları          Eliminating Mercury

casino oyunları yasal mı It is now known that the mercury found in dental fillings is a violent and possibly highly harmful poison.

casino slots bonus This is why one of the best steps to take to maintain one's health is to replace fillings. However, in spite of your dentist's precautions, this method may result in increasing mercury deposits in the system as a result of the necessary handling of this toxic metal.

slotsbryggen 18 nykøbing f As a solution to this problem, we have developed a detoxification plan, based on natural methods and natural health products. Since the human body is already soaked with this poison, it is all-important to cleanse it out naturally, to avoid increasing the intoxication by using artificial chemical products.

You can begin this program before, during or following the filling replacement period.

For best results, of course, you should start this program before the replacement.

Another important point to keep in mind: since each individual is unique, this approach is based on a one-to-one relationship, individualized program, and in co-operation with your dentist.

A major housecleaning

A total internal cleansing of the body is necessary because the mercury the body is eliminating (along with other metals and toxins) is a poison most harmful to smooth cellular and organic activity. Some people might even be intoxicated without showing any visible symptoms. Intoxication is an obstacle to bodily functions.

Mercury is harmful in particular to both the nervous system and the kidneys.

It is essential that the elimination organs be in good working order for the body to be adequately cleansed. These organs are mainly the bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin and liver. To work well, they must first of all be clean: for example, a soiled filter is inoperative.

The first step, therefore, will be to help clean the emunctories by using natural means. Nutrients will then be added in order to strengthen and stimulate their work. There is nothing better than healthy organs for the body to function well.

As soon as the body is freed from its toxins, each cell will find the means to operate normally, breathe, feed, and evacuate its waste along with the mercury.

Good riddance!

Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal, even more dangerous than arsenic. It can combine in various ways with other chemical elements, settling easily in organic tissues.

The use of chelation therapy is an excellent method to get rid of it. By using natural products, the mercury, settled in the cells, is captured by molecules which in turn will be eliminated from the body.

In this way, cells will release the noxious mercury. Freed from their burden, they will gather strength and be regenerated.


Health restoration does not only depend on the body unburdening itself, even if this is an essential start.

Greatly weakened by this insidious poisonous infiltration, causing weakness and disease during years or dozens of years, the body needs help to once again reach its full potential of health.

We can help this process of restoration in a natural way, by providing well selected foods and supplements that will help it recover its lost energy by supplying the body with the materials necessary for its reconstruction or healing.

On the other hand, the adoption of a healthy way of life is also an essential part of this program.

Mercury can be found not only in your teeth, it is everywhere in your body, in your very cells.


Let us help free the body,

Let us help it regenerate.


For more information, please contact Talk International.


Laurent L'cuyer

natural hygiene, naturopathy, iridology, energy therapy



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