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tavla kumar oyna Balance is essential to life. This dynamic balance can be found everywhere in nature and is the guarantee of an ideal functioning, of perfect health.

play casino online for real money malaysia All chemical compounds containing hydrogen can be acid, neutral or alkaline (basic) depending on the concentration of positive hydrogen ions (H+). This is expressed by means of a pH symbol which signifies the potential or strength of the positive hydrogen ions. pH varies from 0 to 14, the number  7 representing the neutral or balance point.

bedava slot oyunları As pH goes below 7, the concentration of positive hydrogen ions increases: the compound is increasingly acidic. Rising above 7, the hydrogen concentration is lower and lower : the compound is more and more alkaline (or basic). Since the pH scale is based on a logarithm, the acidity or alkalinity increases or diminishes by 10 times per unit. For example, if saliva has a pH of 6.4, it is 10 times more acidic than saliva with a pH of 7.4 (considered normal) and if the pH is 5.4 then it is 100 times more acidic.

In general, because we have abused acidifying foods, neglected physical exercise, developed weaker breathing, taken drugs or lived unnecessary stress, our biological terrain (our body) has acidified.

Most people have an average body pH that is too acidic. This level of acidity corresponds to an ideal environment for illness to develop. If we want to conserve our health we must raise our pH.

In order to survive, that is to say to balance our pH, our body has had to borrow from our teeth, bones and organs the alkaline minerals necessary for neutralization. As a result, major mineral deficiencies have occurred and in the same way tissues have become de-mineralized.

It is primordial for us to recover these lost minerals, as well as restoring a normal pH. The necessary undertaking consists of a radical change of lifestyle, an immediate and permanent revolution to transform our state from one of survival to one of free, full living. First, we can start by cleansing the body of acidic waste which intoxicates the body, as much at the organ level as at the cellular level, next by changing our diet. The ideal diet is a vegan diet made up entirely of raw organic foods.




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