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"Beside the river stands the holy tree of life. There doth my father dwell, and my home is in him. The heavenly father and I are one."

Essene gospel of peace

Robe vintage tweed The healing energy of the divine Source is all powerful. It is the perfect energy of life itself. When it flows through us freely, like water from the holy river, we are in full health and we express life perfectly and totally.

But, most of us are more or less disconnected from this Source. Our river has dried up. Our gardens are mostly poorly irrigated and our life is not flowering much.

The ultimate therapy consists of re-finding this intimate contact with the first Source, with pure Potentiality. Only this can bring us true and permanent healing. When we are one in our consciousness with the first Source, which means that divine energy circulates freely throughout our whole being, our health is thus restored and fully expresses itself.

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