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"Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child"

Psalm CXXX, 2

True relaxation is to no longer experience inappropriate tensions.

Health is not only favored by relaxation, it is actually entirely dependant upon it. Relaxation is an essential condition for health, either in order to conserve it or to recover it when it has been lost.

Tension and relaxation are two normally opposite states. It is perfectly normal to experience some tension; if there was no tension there would be no life. When one moves, for example to pick up an object, certain muscles tense and others relax.

The problem arises when tensions are inappropriate; when one is worried, for example, the muscles in ones face become tense. Most of the time, these tensions are generated by emotions, hidden or not, such as fear, sadness, anger, etc.

On the other hand, emotions of joy, love, peace and gratitude, etc. will create relaxation. All these emotions, that we qualify often as being positive or negative, are the result of just or erroneous mental attitudes.

As such, we entertain thoughts and emotions that generate physical tension which in turn slow and even block circulation of energy, of cerebrospinal fluid, nerve impulse, blood and lymph. This slowness and these blockages cause illness.

The solution is, therefore, to learn to relax if we wish to remain healthy. This is not as simple as it may sound since these tensions have accumulated over the years and have crystallized, becoming an integral part of our body and life to the point that often, we no longer perceive them.

Have you ever engaged in an relaxation activity only to find that your tension has actually increased rather than diminished? For example, you decide to go to the country to relax, and the more that you try to relax the more the tension increases until it becomes unbearable and you return home. Or, you decide to take up a yoga or tai chi practice and you feel your tensions in such an unsupportable way that you want to stop altogether.

What actually happened here is that as you relaxed you began to become aware of your permanent tensions, of which you were no longer aware. You could do nothing else than consciously endure them without repressing them.

When we become conscious of these accumulated tensions, there is no point in fleeing from them or ignoring them. The secret is to observe them and to develop a neutral attitude towards them. In doing so, you will see them diminish, bit by bit, and a peaceful wellbeing will install itself in their place.

I would like to suggest some marvelous tools to help with this since it may be difficult to observe these limiting states without reacting.

These tools are based on advanced biofeedback technology and on the induction of altered states of consciousness.

They can help you master body and mind in order to be able to reduce stress and to feel a new state of wellbeing both physically and mentally.

To know more please click on the following link:

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Have a pleasant journey into the heart of yourself !




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