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Festliche leinen Xierom and Xiermat

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Robe feutre mancherons Xierom

The Xierom™ are devices build according to the scientific data given trough channeling by the cosmic master  Hilarion.Xierom Those devices use an energy absolutely unlimited generated by "primary points" hidden inside the nucleus of the Xenon atoms.  That totally new field of energy has the peculiar virtue to raise the vibratory rate of a space-time location and permits an added flux of Light from higher realms into the dense matter, which has the effect of:  increasing consciousness, increasing vitality in all reigns of nature and accelerating all natural process (included regeneration).

The energy field of the Xenon generated by the Xierom™ becomes a inexhaustible source of energy feeding the life in its all forms and we can qualify the Xierom™ as an universal amplificator of energy, an evolutive tool helping to perfect a higher consciousness and a higher realisation of the Self.


That energetic pendant is a member of the great family of the Xierom™ devices and like those, it possesses its ownXiermat characteristics and unique functions.

Xierom™ devices are not totally man made.  The concept and all the specifications for their realisation have been given to mankind through channelling by the cosmic Master  HILARION.

Xiermat™ and Xierom™ devices are fundamentally planetary tools of Light and their sole purposes are to give to human beings a wider access to the munificence of Life and to help them ultimately on their way to ascension in the Light.

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