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Sommerkleider lederkleider Technology for awakening consciousness

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If we lived in total respect of natural laws, the use of means other than those which nature equipped us with would not be of any utility. But this is not the case. This is why certain technologies can help us to become more conscious and to increase and harmonize our energies until the day when we will be able to freely use the possibilities given to us by Mother Nature. These elements are only temporary means supporting the TRANSITION towards full awareness and abundant and harmonious energy.

All the devices we suggest were recognized by us as being the best on the market. We selected them because they are characterized by their high quality and their great effectiveness. We tested them ourselves and our customers who have used them were very satisfied.


Audio-visual entrainment technology

The manufacturer has been designing, developing, researching and manufacturing audio-visual entrainment (AVE) devices since 1984. These AVE devices send flashes of lights using a pair of eyesets and pulses of tones through a pair of headphones to gently guide the brain into altered states of consciousness.

Because of this, we can slow down the brainwaves for: meditation, providing pain relief, inducing dream states and improving sleep.

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Xierom and Xiermat

Xiermat™ and Xierom™ devices are fundamentally planetary tools of Light and their sole purposes are to give to human beings a wider access to the munificence of Life and to help them ultimately on their way to ascension in the Light.

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