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Perceiving life - perception - consciousness - health - healing - awareness - attention - realization - real - fullness - fulfilment - being - reality - presence - truth - life - meditation - knowledge - perception - senses - light - vision - see casinomaxi slot oyunları        Perceiving life

"The outside world as perceived by our senses is only the Back side, in multiple forms, of a unique and fundamental Right side of a spiritual nature."

Princeton Group, 1974 (a group of eminent scientific scholars)

"Tell me, what is the ultimate and certain reality ? Listen without taking or leaving anything, enjoy all that appears without asking."


"The observer cannot be separated from that which is being observed.  Without the observer there is no reality to observe."

Werner Heisenberg

casino makina oyunları bedava Life is perpetual movement through space, time and all other dimensions. Perception of this movement happens on all levels of consciousness.

2 million bc betsoft slot bedava oyna Our senses are the instruments at our disposition which allow this awareness. However, on a psychophysical level at least, these senses are apparently limited but completed by a “higher” perception.

monkey king oyna In reality, we are in no way limited. Our only limitation is that which we impose upon ourselves.

Ordinarily, for the most part, we perceive life as a long dark tunnel between the past and the future. In actual fact there is no tunnel, no past nor future, only light and the timeless present. Our vision is limited by our beliefs, our education and our ego.

Each time we are able to be present in the present, to be conscious, we create an opening in the tunnel. Light shines more and more. We wake up to a life which was hidden from us.

Perceiving life is first of all seeing otherwise what we are used to see. It is consciously using our senses, participating in the here and now.

By being attentive to that which is living in us and around us, the veil tears and we become more and more aware.

Look at this image. What do you see?

If we focus on the circumference we see pink spots arranged in a circle which appear and disappear in turn. We have the impression of circular movement.  If, however, we concentrate on the centre of the image we perceive a green spot flying over the pink spots. And if we stay concentrated on the centre the pink spots disappear leaving only the green spot. In reality, there is neither movement nor a green spot, only fixed pink spots. But, we see spots in movement, a green spot that doesn’t exist and we even don’t see the pink spots that do exist.  Here is a good example which demonstrates how our perception of reality is deformed (in three ways in this example).

Be careful! This is only a game. One should not conclude from this that the universe is an illusion but quite simply that things are not always perceived as they are.

If you are one of the people who feel the call of consciousness, you are invited to read the pages of this site. These pages aim to incite reflection and awareness. They are not addressed solely to the intellect but more to the heart since life can only be perfectly expressed through the heart.



"Most of the functions that nature has given us as power to happily and creatively operate  have been denatured, perverted by a fundamental error in perception."

Robert Linssen

"You live an experience and then you make an opinion of it. This clouds your mind and stops you from seeing things as they are. What is, is."

Ravi Shankar

"Things are not as they appear to be. Nor are they otherwise."

Lankavatara Sutra


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