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Full awareness - perception - consciousness - health - healing - awareness - attention - realization - real - fullness - fulfilment - being - reality - presence - truth - life - meditation - knowledge - perception - identity - ego - mind - natural state - freedom - grace - illuminationm - perfection rulet oyna casino        Full awareness

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

"All that doesn’t reach our consciousness comes back to us in the form of destiny."

Carl Gustav Jung

"He who is master of himself is greater than he who is master of the world."

Gautama Buddha

canlı makina oyunları What we call realization, wise men call our “natural state”. This state is one of full awareness, of total freedom. This is the state of someone who has freed themselves from the limitations they had imposed upon themselves.  

book of ra slot oyunu oyna This is the state that we should be in naturally. It is not a goal to be reached: we are already there. It is our real and natural state. We just have to “realize” it.

battlestar galactica slot bedava oyna But o ur conditioning is so strong and our beliefs so entrenched that we mistake our illusion for reality.

We believe that we are dethroned and that we must suffer and undertake considerable effort to succeed and to achieve liberation.  

We do not see that we do not have to do anything except become aware that our prison is not real and realize that enlightenment and freedom is our true nature.

How can we become conscious and wake up to our true being?

Since this is a natural state we find this state in nature,

1.        Firstly, by the acknowledgement that life is perfect and that life expresses itself perfectly within and around us, which are in reality the same thing.

2.       Then by acting in such a way so as to become a perfect receptacle for life, which is the energy of the universe manifested. 

3.        Through balancing and perfecting our physical body through natural nutrition and purification.

4.        Through natural relaxation and activities.

5.        Through deeply rooting ourselves in the earth and by connecting to the cosmos to find a body-spirit balance.

6.        Through uniting with the universe through natural breathing.

7.        Through stabilizing our emotions in order to equanimously experience any circumstance.

8.        Through acquiring a calm mind, free from all undesired thoughts.

9.        Through learning to perceive life as it is, here and now.

10.     Through finding our real identity again, which is not necessarily what we thought.

11.     Through moving beyond our reactive ego and realizing that it is illusion.

12.     Through living in full awareness, in love, totally in union with nature and with life.

13.   Through renouncing everything to receive “grace”, in other words to get the natural state back.

If you are one of the people who feel the call of consciousness, you are invited to read the pages of this site. These pages aim to incite reflection and awareness. They are not addressed solely to the intellect but more to the heart since life can only be perfectly expressed through the heart.



"Each being contains within the totality of the intelligible world. Consequently, everything is everywhere. Each being is this totality and this totality is each being. Man as he is now has stopped being everything. But, once he ceases to be a separate person, he raises himself up and penetrate the totality of the world."


"To reach the truth, one must, once in life, free oneself from all opinions one has received and reconstruct once more, from the foundations, the whole system of ones knowledge."

René Descartes

"Man is free at the instant he wants to be."



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