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"Ego was the helper; ego is the bar."


"Up until the present you have very seriously considered yourself as being the body and you have identified yourself with the form. There resides the fundamental ignorance and the cause of all your woes."

Ramana Maharshi

"In meditating on the final goal, one has to discover the non-existence of the personal ego, and therefore the fallacy that it exists."


kumar oyna oyun skor E bedava video slot makina oyunları go signifies I, me, separated from everything, thinking person.

According to many ancient and contemporary wise men as well as new quantum physics teachings, ego is an illusion.  This science tells us that neither subject nor object, neither things nor entities exist; there is only process, there is only movement.

It is difficult with the brain that we posses to grasp the reality of the universe. That said, wisdom of all ages have always insisted upon going beyond the ego, and upon the idea that the image of self must be transcended so that enlightenment or full consciousness be realized.

When we no longer identify ourselves with what we think we are, we suddenly realize that our ego doesnt really exist and that we are everything.

We are not nothing. We are notes that make up a symphony and we are the symphony itself since the symphony cannot be played without notes. When we realize that we are not, we become aware that we are the universe.

If you are one of the people who feel the call of consciousness, you are invited to read the pages of this site. These pages aim to incite reflection and awareness. They are not addressed solely to the intellect but more to the heart since life can only be perfectly expressed through the heart.

True healing passes through consciousness and through Love.



"The individual is in fact universal. True individuality is only possible if it unfurls from the whole.  Egoism is centered around the image of self which is an illusion and a mistake."

David Bohm

"The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from the self."

Albert Einstein


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