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Becoming conscious - consciousness - awareness - health - healing - illumination - attention - realization - real - fullness - fulfilment - being - reality - mind - spirit - presence - truth - love - life - meditation - knowledge - conscious - aware - wisdom en iyi m覺s覺r slot oyunlar覺       Becoming conscious

"And when the wise man, in silence, has obtained knowledge of himself, he frees himself from form as from formlessness, from happiness as from suffering."

 Gautama Buddha

"Consciousness is a singular of which the plural is unknown.  There is only one thing, and that which seems to be a plurality is merely a series of different aspects of this one thing, produced by a deception ... as in a gallery of mirrors."

Erwin Schr鐰inger

"... so neither ought you to attempt to cure the body without the soul."


casino slot oyunlari oyna The full awareness section of the Institute has only one goal: to encourage self-fulfillment through consciousness.

slot a癟ma makinesi To do this, it provides different means of opening your channels of communication and reconnecting with your true self as well as with all spheres of existence.

Perceiving life

kings game oyna Our senses are the windows through which we perceive existence. Thanks to them, we can make contact with “outside” reality and cross the boundaries we have drawn and which separate us.

Finding our identity again

When ignorance or fear separates us from our source, we are lost and no longer know who we are. We identify ourselves with our personality, with the illusion or image we have created of ourselves.

Transcending the ego

Realizing that we are only a drop separated from the infinite ocean of consciousness, we can reintegrate with the great Whole and become one with it.

Being fully aware

Full awareness means being totally present. It is the absence of illusion, the realization of truth. The very wish to get there implies a moment-by-moment effort through which we do everything necessary for the realization of this goal. But do we not see that we are there already?

If you are one of the people who feel the call of consciousness, you are invited to read the pages of this site. These pages aim to incite reflection and awareness. They are not addressed solely to the intellect but more to the heart since life can only be perfectly expressed through the heart.



"I have achieved inner vision and by your spirit I have understood your wondrous secret. By the inner vision, you have opened within me a well-spring of knowledge, a fountain of power whose living water flows like a river of love, like a mighty river of universal wisdom in the splendour of eternal light."

Dead Sea Scrolls

Life is the movement of the Immovable.


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